Self Defense


To most people, the words “self defense” conjure up a wide array of violent mental images. People think of boxing matches, kung fu films and no-holds-barred street fights. In actuality these images completely misrepresent the essence of what self defense really means. To defend one’s self does not necessitate an act of violence.

Self defense is a broad category that encompasses a variety of methods and approaches to dealing with an attack. At Nei Wai Chia Academy, we embrace all the meanings of the words “self defense” and our teachings reflect this broader approach.

Here at the academy we do not advocate violence. While in some attack scenarios violence is necessary, Nei Wai Chia Martial Arts Academy promotes defense methods that emphasize keeping you safe, which often means deescalating a dangerous situation before an attack can occur.

At Nei Wai Chia, we’ll teach you all the methods, explore various scenarios and the right way to defend yourself in almost any situation. Our model is to always shy from an altercation but also be prepared for one.

Defend yourself — call Nei Wai Chia Martial Arts Academy today.